Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 2 Most Amazing Updo Hairstyles of All Time

Nearly all women at some point find themselves coveting a stunning, elegant hairstyle. And when it comes to elegance, nothing beats a formal updo. Whether it's your first time needing to create a formal or elegant look or if you are simply looking for a new, easy style to use for when you're running late for work in the morning, learning how to make updos quickly and easily is helpful. As such, the purpose of this article is to discuss how to create 2 of the most elegant, iconic updo hairstyles of all time, one for long hair and one for short hair: the messy bun and the French twist, respectively.
The Long Hair Messy Bun
When thinking about an elegant updo hairstyle for longer hair, many women visualize that romantic, messy bun at the crown of the head that's so often seen in movies, on the red carpet, and in magazines. This is an incredibly sophisticated hairstyle if done properly.
First things first; when creating a messy bun - or any updo for that matter - it is important to use high quality hair elastics that do not have any metal parts. You don't want to cause damage to your locks just to create your look.
To achieve the messy look, you will begin by applying a heavy product like a mousse or pomade. This will thicken fine hair and add texture without letting it become overly stiff. For more volume, blow dry with your head upside down and scrunch. If you have really fine hair that typically falls out of your hairstyles, spray with a light-hold hairspray while you are drying.
The first styling step is to pull your hair all up at the crown of your head like you would if you were creating a ponytail. But instead of creating a traditional ponytail, you are going to pull your hair only half of the way through the hair elastic and then wrap the elastic around the section of hair you just created. You're basically creating a bun that has some hair hanging out.
Next, pull thin strands out of the bun and either leave them as they are or curl them into ringlets. Either way, you should separate the pieces and provide texture by using a pomade, and finish off the look with hairspray. Remember, this is a messy look; you certainly don't want it glued to your head with hairspray!
Short Hair French Twist
Of course, not everyone has long flowing hair. Women with shorter hair have the need for an elegant look on occasion as well! Fortunately, with a lot of hair product and pins, a sensational French twist can be achieved.
Using a comb, pull all the hair on the right side of your head toward the center and arch with bobby pins all the way down. Once this hair is smooth and secure, you can move onto the left side. When you pull the hair on the left side, overlap the seam you created down the center and aim to curl, twist or tuck the hair so the final set of bobby pins doesn't show.